eiffel-tower-901146Our energy model is facing three challenges:

  • Diminishing fossil resources
  • Global warning and other environmental impacts
  • The need to combine rising demand with sustained availability

The urgency to engage in a transition is agreed. However, its progress remains slow or at a standstill in some areas, for two main reasons:

  1. We learnt one of the reasons from history: energy transitions are multigenerational affairs with complex infrastructural and learning needs, requiring a fundamental system-level change, in our production and consumption patterns. They call for interconnected and transverse solutions, complex to put in place.
  2. We have left a world where strategies derived from long term analysis and planning. Answers are now to be unveiled through experimentation and trials. There is a need for a culture change where companies shift efforts from scenario planning towards a developing a portfolio-of-initiatives strategies

This is why O.I.E. has set itself to act!